The Chaco Lodge Hacienda dates back almost a century. It was built by Alfredo Montoya, an early 1900's rancher in the Cuba, New Mexico Valley. The walls are constructed of adobe bricks that are at least 16-inches thick...the old house is warm in the winter and cool in summer.

The land around the Hacienda was where early Spaniards first settled in the late 1700's. The land was wet and fertile at the time, fed by four streams coming down out of the nearby mountains, the Nacimiento, Rito Leche, Rio Puerco and the San Jose..

Denny & Isabel Herrera have lovingly renovated the old structure back to its former glory and it is now a comfortable place to spend a night, a weekend or longer as a base to explore the area and partake in the many outdoor actvities available.

The Hacienda is located at the end of Nacimiento Road on 160 acres about 1 1/2 miles out of Cuba, New Mexico. Magnificent, old cottonwood trees front the house and frame a wonderful view of the distant Nacimiento Mountains in the western edge of the Santa Fe National Forest.
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